Nature as well as history has created a strongly marked kind of people in Karabakh. Scattered all over the world, Karabakhians can be easily recognized everywhere. Wide-ranging enterprise, selfless bravery, ability to run risks, self-confidence, a special stubbornness, straightforward persistence, and patriarchal relations in family life – here are the attractive features of a Karabakhian which seem to be the concentration of ancient Armenian values that have tarnished through cruel historical influence and preserved in their pure state in Karabakh…





The land of Noah — Armenia and Artsakh… It makes thanks to its enchanting Nature, rich centuries old history and culture  the crown of the caucasus, the heart of the Armenian highlands. It is a kingdom of towering mountains, bottomless canyons, fast flowing rivers, cold springs, thousand year old monasteries, castles and prehistoric caves. The past and future exist here, the old and new side by side.
Artsakh — is a dream sculpted from stone. Artsakh — is the land of powerful princes and impregnable fortresses. It is a symphony of natural and man-made wonders. The land of Noah — is the land of the soul.