About us

We have created a travel company, expert of Armenia and Artsakh – “The Land of Noah”, guided by the principles of reliability, responsibility and care about you. Our goal – as vividly as possible to present to you the amazing historical and cultural heritage of the Armenian people, modern Armenia with its unique flavor and the luxurious nature of Artsakh – unassailable majestic rocky mountains and picturesque canyons, virgin forests, rich with wild fruits and berries, magic trilling birds, gelid mountain springs, medicinal waters and invigorating air.

“The Land of Noah” – a company with creative thinking, with high skills and professional competence of employees and partners. Individual approach to each client. Clear tracking of all things travel. We are honored to be able to consult with a professional participant of extreme hikes, Master of Sports Tourism, with years of experience in all types of climbing, outdoor activities and sports: Aslan Grigorian. Initiator and leader of several well-known projects such as: Janapar Karabakh (route guidance and information on the NKR) a tourist club created in 1984 in Karabakh; in 1990 on the basis of the tourist club the Rescue Service of Nagorno-Karabakh was created.

We are able to offer a variety of opportunities for leisure travelers, organize VIP-tours, provide high-quality service and individual attention. We only work with proven and reliable partners. Air freight carried world’s largest airlines with a modern fleet. “The Land of Noah” pays special attention to monitoring the quality of services in all phases.