A Great Civilization


Military-Historical tour (8 days, 7 nights)


The History of Armenia – a unique world treasury full of great civilizations of the chronicles, biographies of legendary people and dramatic moments associated with the origins of the formation of Christianity. Many times Armenia has suffered foreign invasions, at times it seemed that the very name of Armenia was erased from the map. But the Armenian people endured, defended its existence in a hard struggle.
Thirty thousand square kilometers, which makes today the Republic of Armenia, are only a small portion, less than one tenth, of the huge historical Armenia, a chronicle which became a separate chapter in the world history and culture.
The Armenian Highlands were the most important trade and military routes of the ancient world, linking East and West. Such a favorable situation in Armenia attracted to her many conquerors. Therefore, the boundaries of ancient Armenia were subjected to frequent changes, and the Armenians had to learn about all the new land. That is why the history of Armenia is rich and endless.
The modern tourism is characterized by its diversity. The newest type of tourism is a military-historical tourism. In general, this type of tourism is characterized by a visit to the country, where at one time war or military action took place.
Travelers will be able to experience some of the military way of the ancient world, to visit the unique military and historical sites and see rare artifacts, familiarize themselves with the military potential, the technique of this country, and in certain cases to see their military capabilities. This type of tourism also includes visits to historical monuments, to ancient and important military installations, as well as a visit to a military unit.
A significant part of the cultural heritage of past eras are stored in museums devoted to the history of wars and battles, individual military units or outstanding military units directly connected with the past of the region. The preservation and accumulation of artifacts of military conflicts in a particular area contribute to its transformation into a self-contained cultural complex, the degree of attractiveness of which is directly dependent on its military historical value.
With its centuries-old fortresses, impregnable fortifications and military background, Artsakh is a centuries-old tourist tradition perpetuated by the military actions of powerful warlords, opening up opportunities for military-historical tourism.
In the capital of Artsakh is a museum in the memory of the liberators, where tourists can see samples of weapons, maps and charts, which were used during the Azerbaijani-Karabakh war. The museum also houses thousands of photographs of soldiers, bullet pierced documents, letters to relatives, field telephones and radio’s.
In some cases, particularly for inquisitive tourists there is an opportunity to visit military units and personally take part in the everyday life of the military, to get acquainted with military equipment and to acquire military experience.
For those who are seriously interested in history Armenia and Artsakh are a real jewel. The historical heritage of this unique land is truly impressive.


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