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Cultural Tour (5 days, 4 nights)

Route: Yerevan (sightseeing in the city), Kotayk region (Garni, Geghard), Gegharkunik region (Sevan, Sevan), Armavir region (Echmiadzin Zvartnots), Ararat region (Khor Virap)


Day 1
Arrival in Yerevan.
Meeting with representatives of the “Land of Noah”.
Check in at hotel.
Lunch Time. 

Armenia, a country with a long history – a land of plenty for travelers and especially for connoisseurs of classical cultural tourism. Here you can see traces of almost all ancient civilizations. A country that switched between kingdom and empire: the kingdom of Urartu, the Achaemenid Empire, the Roman Empire, the Sassanid state, the Arab Caliphate, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire … and every era has left their mark on the ancient land.
By the number of historical and cultural monuments Armenia can be rightfully considered one of the most interesting places in Europe. Numerous monuments of art and architecture make the country a repository of culture and it exposes masterpieces of the past.
The country was the world’s first to take Christianity as the official religion in the year 301, it is rich in ancient temples, monasteries and holy places. For example: The Garni pagan temple dedicated to the sun god Mitra and the oldest Christian church in Armenia – the St.Echmiadzin Cathedral. The monastery complex Arichavank, the monastery of Geghard, Noravank and Khor Virap (“Deep Dungeon”). The well – preserved ruins of the church Karmravor and Zvartnots Temple (“Temple of Vigil forces”). Mesrop Mashtots church- fortress and castle Amberd. The list of attractions in Armenia is endless. And, of course, not to mention the legendary majestic mountain lake Sevan.
Nighttime Yerevan.
Walking through the city.
Sightseeing (Cascade, Opera House, North Avenue, Republic Square, singing fountains).
Dinner. Overnight at the hotel.
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Day 2
Breakfast at the hotel.
Sightseeing tour of Yerevan.
Can many cities boast about their date of birth dating before BC? Yerevan can. In 2018 it will celebrate its 2800 anniversary. This ancient city was founded in 782 BC by a king of the ancient Urartu – Argishti I, who built a castle on the hill Arin-Berd, calling it Erebuni. The fortress gave its name to the city, which has grown around it for many hundreds of kilometers. An ancient stove has become a kind of birth certificate of the city that archaeologists found on this hill. Cuneiform writing reads: “By the greatness of the God Khaldi, Argishti, son of Menua, built this mighty stronghold and proclaimed it Erebuni”. It was 29 years before the Eternal City of Rome. Ancient Yerevan played a significant role in the economic and political life of Armenia for centuries, passed through numerous caravan routes, it was a major center of trade.
A visit to the Republic Square, and the park “Haghtanak”.
Walking through the multi-tiered Grand Cascade, such a unique construction not found anywhere else in the former Soviet Union. Its system of huge staircase is somewhat reminiscent of the Tower of Babel. From the city center, which lies below, it climbs high into the mountains. On top of the observation deck the Cascade offers a fantastic panorama of Yerevan. At the foot of the Cascade is a monument to Tamanyan, bent over his master plan. Architect Alexander Tamanyan – the genuine father of Yerevan, creating it according to his fantasies and ideas about the future of the city. A monument stands near a fun sculpture “The Black Cat” made by famous South American painter and sculptor Fernando Botero.
A visit to the Opera Square.The Statue of David Sasuntsi.Grand Boulevard, a monument to Vardan Mamikonian.
A visit to the Erebuni Museum and the ruins of an ancient fortress, where you will see the basalt “Birth Certificate of Yerevan” dated 782 BC.
Visit to Matenadaran – the repository of ancient manuscripts.
And Tsitsernakaberd – A monument to the victims of the genocide in 1915.
Return to the hotel. 
Dinner. Overnight.

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Day 3
Breakfast at the hotel.
Excursion to the summer residence of Armenian kings – the fortress of Garni (III century BC. – XIII c. BC), a pagan temple of the Sun (I century), built by king Trdat in 77 – The only surviving Hellenistic temple on the territory of the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
A trip to the monastery Gegardavank.
Examination of the unique cave (carved into the rock) of Geghard (XII-XIII century), several buildings of which some have unsurpassed acoustics.
A trip to the ancient relict Lake Sevan – “The Pearl of Armenia” or “Geghama Sea” – one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. This true miracle of nature is located in the heart of the Armenian plateau, in a huge mountain bowl framed by picturesque mountain ranges at an altitude of 1900 m. The origin of the lake comes from the Geghama ridge volcano. Lava erupted about 250 thousand years ago, the ancient river valley stemmed. The resulting depression began to fill with meltwater from glaciers and snowfields surrounding ridges, and later river water. These stunning views are impossible not to admire. In addition, there is a reign of pure mountain air with the freshness of the sea breeze. The area around the lake – a protected area of the National Park. The harsh and peculiar beauty of Lake Sevan is remembered for a long time. Especially because it is surrounded by numerous temples started in a very unique style of Armenian architecture.
Visiting the Monastery of Sevan (IX c.) – A monument of early medieval Armenian architecture on the Sevan peninsula. In those ancient times, the peninsula was a lonely island. It was separated from the coast by about 3 km of clear water, in which there were many fish, a fishery, in which lived a monastic cloister. Monks settled here at the end of the VIII century, they built a chapel and several cells. The position of the island was so convenient that the increased amount of monks began to build a monastery on the island. Initially, they placed rocks around the island shelf and put down large stone blocks. The fence was built around the island and on the fence a watchtower was built with a small gate. After that three churches, cells and outbuildings were built.
Today only the monastery, built in the IX century, and only two churches – St.Arakelots and Astvatsatsin remain standing among the many ancient khachkars. The church buildings were built of solid stone called black tuff, hence that is why the name of the monastery is believed to be “Sevan” – “Black monastery”.
Return to Yerevan.
Dinner. Overnight.
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Day 4
Breakfast at the hotel.
Visit one of the 12 capitals of Armenia – Echmiadzin (Vagharshapat).
Visit to the First Cathedral of the holy Echmiadzin and churches of Ripsime and Gayane.
Cathedral – the oldest Christian church in Armenia, one of the first in the whole Christian world. The foundation stone of the temple, according to legend, was founded in 301 by Gregory the Illuminator – the first Catholicos of the Armenian Church. The main feature of the cathedral – is that in addition to the main, it has three other altars. Two of them are in the northern and southern niches. The latter is located in the center of the cathedral and is the most holy place, where, according to tradition, Christ appeared to Gregory the Illuminator, and commanded to build the temple.
Visiting the ruins of Zvartnots temple.
5 km from Echmiadzin is the brightest monument of medieval Armenian architecture – the magnificent Zvartnots Temple, built in the VII century, destroyed by an earthquake in 939. But even the ruins of the temple give us an idea of its rare and majestic beauty. Construction of the Zvartnots Temple, which means “Temple of Vigil Forces” began in the years of 641-643 and was conducted intermittently over the span of twenty years until 652. The ruins of Zvartnots temple are an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Return to Yerevan.
Dinner. Overnight.
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Day 5
Breakfast at the hotel.
Visiting the monastery of Khor Virap.
The monastery was built in the period from the VI to the XVII century, over the dungeon, where the Baptist St. Gregory the Illuminator was languishing in prison – for the spread of Christianity, until king Tradt decided to adopt this as a state religion. The dungeon where the holy man suffered, was the royal dungeon (“Khor Virap” – “deep hole”). Here in the pit infested with poisonous snakes and scorpions, prisoners were lowered. According to legend, St. Gregory the Illuminator was in the pit for 13 years.
The monastery is located near the border with Turkey, on a hill near the village Pokr Vedi. In ancient times, it was located in the territory of Artashat city – the ancient capital of Armenia.
From the monastery you can see the most beautiful view of the biblical Mount Ararat (5165 m.) And all the Ararat valley.
Return to Yerevan.
Free time.
Transfer to the airport.
Departure from Yerevan.

The price includes:

  • All transfers (In comfortable modern minibuses);
  • Staying at the hotel (accommodation in double rooms);
  • Full board: Breakfast (hotel), lunch, dinner (restaurant / menu); and drinks – coffee, tea, water are available on request throughout the trip;
  • Excursions in the program with a professional guide;
  • All entrance fees (museums, galleries, participation in various events);
  • During the trip you will be accompanied by a group representative of the
    “Land of Noah”.

The price does not include:

  • Insurance;
  • Personal and other expenses not covered by the program (souvenirs);
  • Airplane ticket (we can help you find the best and most convenient ticket);

At 6 people the price of the tour per person will be €887, when there are less than 6 people, the price per person will increase – when there are more than 6 people the price per person will be lowered.


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